“A Greener Europe For All” is an Erasmus+ project about eco-tourism. Its main aim is to help reduce the environmental impact of tourism.

Eco-tourism has implications for everybody due to the environmental issues associated with traditional tourism, for example enlarged carbon footprints, increases in greenhouse gases and the deterioration of scenery or historical monuments.

All of the partner schools are situated in areas – Abergele (Wales), Istanbul (Turkey), Bremen (Germany), Bydgoszcz (Poland), Karlskrona (Sweden), Horjul (Slovenia) and La Spezia (Italy) – that are directly affected by the negative environmental consequences of tourism.

Students will be at the centre of the project. They will be shaped by their experiences on the project and will produce the work that will be collated to form the project’s final products.

Our aim is to produce a collective range of ideas, initiatives and interventions through the completion of various project tasks. These tasks include visiting each other‘s countries and producing various products; mini–tour guides and itineraries, an eco-tourism handbook and a website.

On a general level the project’s transnational partnerships will create and foster links that encourage greater international cooperation between educational establishments.

The project should help students to understand that there is a need to work together as part of a larger community to ensure future sustainability and encourage them to become open-minded, socially active and culture-conscious citizens.

On a practical level the project will allow the development of practical skills in collecting materials, giving presentations, organising events and creating web-pages, it will also widen the student’s knowledge of culture, history, traditions, tourism, gastronomy, English language and ICT whilst integrating students from differing cultural backgrounds. By the end of the project the students should have become skilled travellers that are aware of their environmental impact.




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